updated 1:34 PM UTC, May 16, 2022

The Statement of Need outcome

Despite the excellent support we received from the community, the silicon photonics NRF Statement of Need was not selected to go forward to a full bid.

We would like to thank everyone who committed their time and efforts to ensure that the bid was well written and accurately detailed the needs of the community. Although this was not the expected outcome, subsequent developments have led us to explore bigger and better things!

We have been encouraged by EPSRC to submit a bid to the large-scale infrastructure call; we are working with the Cambridge Graphene Centre on a bid to integrate Graphene to SiPh, for which we would welcome feedback on whether you would like the ability to add Graphene to your circuits, and if so, whether you will support our bid; we are always open for collaborative responsive mode bids; and of course, we will have the option of re-submitting to a later NRF call.

CORNERSTONE 2 is progressing well and we will soon be announcing launch dates for the new platforms; SOI platforms also continue to have three monthly calls for designs.


Thank you again for your support.

CORNERSTONE 2 video series

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Live Call Announcement

Ge-on-Si MPW 1st

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