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CORNERSTONE is an open source, license free silicon photonics rapid prototyping foundry. We offer a plethora of different platforms to support a wide range of applications ranging from telecoms to sensing, LiDAR, quantum and more. Each platform possesses a standard component library to lower the barrier to entry for non-photonics experts. We will gladly experiment and try new things for the benefit of our users. This flexible approach helps us to support early stage R&D projects and successfully fabricate proof of concept prototypes.

Live MPW Calls

MPW #39 500 nm SOI

Sign-up by 26th July 2024

Silicon Nitride MPW #8

Sign-up deadline passed. Mask submission deadline 24/07/2024.

MPW #38 - 220 nm SOI active

Sign-up deadline passed. Mask submission deadline 31/07/2024.

CORNERSTONE Photonics Innovation Centre (C-PIC)

We are thrilled to announce that CORNERSTONE’s bid to become an Innovation and Knowledge Centre has been successful, securing £11m in funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Innovate UK, securing the foundry service for the next 5 years whilst also providing us with the opportunity to grow and expand our offerings to the community.


“C-PIC will enable CORNERSTONE to become more than just a foundry. We will launch a suite of technical and non-technical training, act as a united voice for the UK silicon photonics community to policy makers and the public and look to seed new interdisciplinary collaborations around the UK.”

C-PIC Manager, Callum Littlejohns


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Our diverse team are experts in silicon photonics and cutting-edge technologies.

Our Services

  • Multi-project-wafer (MPW) services on a variety of platforms
  • Deep-UV projection lithography service
  • Bespoke fabrication batches with a tape-out date to suit your requirements
  • Electronic-photonic integration via flip-chip bonding
  • Design consultancy
  • Training courses
  • Research and development

The CORNERSTONE team prides ourselves on the level of service and personal touch provided to our users.

We offer flexibility in our process flows with a fast turnaround time.

“CORNERSTONE has been integral to my spin-out journey as I transform optical fibre-based inertial sensors into miniature chip-scale devices for the first time. From the design phase through to chip-testing, CORNERSTONE have offered advice throughout, supporting me as both an early career researcher and now as an entrepreneur.”

Dr Ying Lia Li
CEO, Zero Point Motion Ltd

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