MPW Schedule & Costs

MPW schedule for 2023/2024

Please note that the dates included in the table are the mask submission deadline for each call. The sign up deadline will be approximately 4 weeks prior to the mask submission deadline.

MPW schedule is subject to change. CORNERSTONE reserves the right to cancel fabrication calls.

2024 MPW Pricing

As a trial in 2024,  we will offer priority and standard delivery timeframes for MPW runs.

When opting for our priority service, the following changes are made to our standard service;

  • We simplify batch specific quality controls such as CD-SEM and rely on our routine monthly quality control and the inherent reliability of the lithography process.
  • When using our suppliers’ services for reticle procurement and implantation we pay for the expedited options
  • We pay our dedicated team to perform out of hours work with priority access to cleanroom tools.
  • Post deadline design rule checking (DRC) is withdrawn. Users must submit DRC clear design file on submission. We will offer extra support in the lead up to the deadline to our priority users.


If you would like to discuss our priority service in more detail then we would be happy to speak to you over a video call.


Call Priority Delivery Timeframe Standard Delivery Timeframe
SOI active 26 weeks 36 weeks
SOI passive with heaters 7 weeks 14 weeks
SOI passive only 5 weeks 14 weeks
SiN with heaters 6 weeks 12 weeks
SiN passive only 4 weeks 12 weeks
Suspended-Si 5 weeks 10 weeks
Ge-on-Si 5 weeks 10 weeks

2024 MPW Access Charges

Our pricing structure offers a priority and a standard option for our users to help align with project timelines.


Design area

SOI active devices SOI passive with heaters SOI passive devices SiN passive with heaters SiN passive   Suspended-Si Ge-on-Si
11.47 mm x 4.9 mm (Priority)* £61, 000 £17, 900 £11,300 £13,750
11.47 mm x 4.9 mm £48, 750 £14, 250 £9,000 £11,000
5.5 mm x 4.9 mm (Priority)* £36, 600 £13,200 £7,900 £9,700
5.5 mm x 4.9 mm £29,250 £10,500 £6,250 £7,750
2.5 mm x 4.9 mm  (Priority)* £18,800
2.5 mm x 4.9 mm £15,000
2.5 mm x 2.5 mm (Priority)* £10,000
2.5 mm x 2.5 mm £8,000
15.45 mm x 11.47 mm (Priority)* £17,900 £9,700 £13,750
15.45 mm x 11.47 mm £14,250 £7,750 £11,000

* New trial option for 2024.  Quoted prices are exclusive of VAT, import duties, withholding taxes etc. 

CORNERSTONE also offers bespoke fabrication batches as per the users requirements. Contact us for a quote.

Staff and students employed at UK Universities

In previous years, we have provided free access to particular MPW batches for staff and students employed at UK Universities, leveraging EPSRC funding under the CORNERSTONE & CORNERSTONE 2 projects. Whilst we have not yet finalised the details of our CORNERSTONE 2.5 funded 2024 MPW batches yet, we will be updating the website with information on which batches will be free/subsidised for staff and students at UK Universities as soon as possible. To ensure you don’t miss the announcement sign up to our mailing list.

DUV Lithography cost

Item Cost industry (£) Cost international academic (£)
Setup & 1st wafer (lithography only) £3,000 £2,000
Each additional wafer (lithography only) £320 £210
Setup & 1st wafer (lithography & CD-SEM analysis) £3,250 £2,100
Each additional wafer (lithography & CD-SEM analysis) £400 £300